Tiny, the prefabricated house in Spain that "is ready to use" when it arrives at your home

2022-06-15 19:33:29 By : Ms. Lucia Zhang

Receive an email a day with our articles:Over the years we have taught you different concepts of modular homes that go from using brick as the main material.From the cardboard Wikkelhouse to the Smartdome made of wood and galvanized steel.Now it is the turn of a proposal born in Spain: Tiny home.The emergence of this type of housing, according to those responsible for the project, is due to the combination of two factors: the old problem that it is difficult to find a place to live in big cities, and the advantages of teleworking that allows us to stay longer time in rural areas.The company offers two types of configurable modules designed for housing.On the one hand we have the tini S, measuring 23.5 square metres, which due to its size is an ideal option for setting up an office.This option, once built, does not support the addition of other modules.On the other hand we have the tini M, 34 square meters.In this case, there is an alternative that allows you to join 2 or 3 modules to create spaces larger than 68m2, 102m2, which is a more convenient option when thinking about a home for several people.The company also claims that if you need even more space, you can join two modules together to create different configurations.As for the materials, we find that galvanized steel is the base material, while corten steel and burned or treated wood are some of the options that can be chosen for exterior customization of the home.If we talk about the interior, here we have poplar OSB as a base material and options can be configured with plasterboard and birch wood.In all cases, according to Tini, they use different types of insulation to improve thermal behavior.As we mentioned above, it is a customizable proposal, so it can include a bathroom, kitchen, wooden furniture and wall lights.There is also a "self-sufficient" version, which includes a 1,000-litre water tank, solar panels and a septic tank.The base model starts at 44,600 euros and the price will increase according to the options chosen.Once the order is placed, the company promises to take about 60 days to build the house and ship it "anywhere."Then it's time to receive it fully furnished and finished "so that once placed in a few hours it connects and is ready to use."It should be noted that this type of housing is supported on a concrete foundation or on prefabricated piles.More information |TinyIn Xataka |The most expensive house in the US costs 295 million and is so, so home automation that it has its own server roomShare Tiny, the prefabricated house in Spain that "is ready to use" when it arrives at your homeMore Sites You'll LikeSee more articlesSee more videos

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