'Municipality breaks agreement on El Chamizal by allowing festival with beer sales' – La Verdad Juárez

2022-06-15 14:18:08 By : Ms. Manager Chen

Environmentalists denounce that the Government of Ciudad Juárez allows private businesses in a public park and breaks an agreement with Semarnat, where it promised not to grant permits for the use of El Chamizal until the studies carried out by the federal government of the loans of this green area are completed. from the city.The Municipal Government of Juárez broke the agreements it made with the federal government's Environment Secretariat to take care of the El Chamizal public park by allowing the Tecate Supreme Festival to be held in that space, denounced the Trees in Resistance organization, through its spokesperson. , Daniel Delgado.It refers to the festival that this May 7 will take place on one of the green areas of the park, which was closed with a metal wall and on which musical stages, tents and modules with the sale of food and beer, sanitary bathrooms were installed. portable, among other necessary structures in this type of concerts.“Who gave the permission for this, was it the Cabildo? Was it the municipal president? How much is being charged? What is the benefit for the park?What is returned to Chamizal? They say they don't have money to clean a garbage dump that is next to the festival and that is years old,” Delgadillo said.On February 1 of this year, the municipal president, Cruz Pérez Cuéllar, and other municipal officials committed to the following with the secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) of the federal government, María Luisa Albores:"Precautionary protection measures will be imposed on El Chamizal, so no permits, authorizations or any procedure that impacts the reduction or modification of use and current characteristics of El Chamizal will be granted", can be read in the minute document that the federal government held the meeting between federal and municipal authorities and members of the Front for the Defense of Chamizal.The precautionary measures must be maintained, according to the document, until the federal government finishes carrying out a topographic study as well as a legal analysis of the El Chamizal loans, due to the controversy that exists due to the business intention to build a Conventions in that area and which is opposed by a sector of the citizenry that formed the Front for the Defense of Chamizal.“Among the agreements made by the Municipality was to deal only with the irrigation and maintenance of the park while the legal and topographic review is carried out.Activities must be suspended, especially those that go against the ecological character of the park, the agreement is violated and damage to the Chamizal is generated,” said the spokesman for both Trees in Resistance and the Front for the Defense of Chamizal.The stage on which various musical groups will perform this Saturday was installed on the west side of the Chamizal Archeology Museum and in front of the municipal offices of Parks and Gardens, on a green area, it was possible to verify during a tour of the place.“Who is going to repair the damage (that is generated)? Because trucks and heavy vehicles are circulating over the green areas and it must be considered that there is an irrigation system on the surface, as the vehicles pass they damage the sprinklers,” he mentioned. .This could also be verified by La Verdad in a tour of the place.“The other ecological damage is to the soil, it is going to put pressure on it, the soil is for people to walk on, not vehicles, they are invading and damaging the entire soil.We also realized that there are about 10 or 12 trees that were cut down, you can see that they were healthy trees, ”he said.“The trees get in the way to see the show.And that area had already been damaged in another Supreme Tecate Festival, several trees had already been felled.In addition, there is a lot of crowding and there are very young trees,” Delgadillo mentioned.On the one hand, the agreements established with Semarnat are violated, on the other hand, great ecological damage is done to the Chamizal and, on the other hand, public space is privatized, business is done with the ecological heritage of all citizens and the right to access the spaces that belong to everyone, said the activist.During a tour it was found that barriers were installed that prevent access through Costa Rica Street from the Municipal Institute of Youth, to Tarzán Street, which passes next to the Archeology Museum, which also prevents access to the municipal offices of the Directorate of Parks and Gardens, as well as the RAMM (Rescue and Adoption of Pets of the Municipality).It was also found on the tour that the signage placed by the City Council in which it recalls the prohibition of consuming alcohol in El Chamizal.As well as the installation of the stage and other infrastructure in the green areas;the delimitation of the space with a metal wall and the installation of fences to close off public access.According to the public information of the event, it will start at 1:00 p.m. and the price of tickets amounts to 950 pesos in the general area and 2 thousand 155 in the VIP area.Its sale was made through the company Don Boletón and in various commercial points of the city.According to the director of Parks and Gardens of the Municipality, Daniel Zamarrón, the festival that takes place this Saturday is "a cultural (musical) event that has been taking place for several years, the space is not rented, it is signed an agreement in which the company undertakes to restore possible damage to the meadows and trees, apart from that, they need to obtain all the permits from the Government and Commerce, "he replied, through a message, about the questioning about the complaint of environmentalists.Information about the event was not obtained in those dependencies because this Friday was a non-working day in the local government for the May 5 holiday.“You cannot do business in a public space.We are against the authority that allows this.They take away our right to use public spaces.Who has direct responsibility here is the municipal president.He was in those agreements with Semarnat,” Delgadillo recalled.In the articles of the Regulation of Green Areas and Urban Forestry of the municipality it is established:Article 35.- Individuals without the authorization of the General Directorate (of Municipal Public Services) will not be allowed to modify the infrastructure and green areas where the authority has planned its existence.In said authorization, what is indicated in the Management Plan must be considered.Article 36.- The felling of trees in areas of municipal or private property, will only proceed through an opinion issued by the General Directorate, which will determine:I. When its biological cycle concludes;II.When it is considered dangerous for the physical integrity of people and property;III.When its roots or branches threaten to destroy the constructions or deteriorate the installations or the decoration and there is no other solution, and IV.Due to other serious circumstances in the opinion of the General Directorate.Article 58.- The following is prohibited for visitors or users of the infrastructure and green areas:I. Enter the restricted areas;II.Introduce any type of vehicle in the green infrastructure, ridges and pastures, except for those whose entry is essential due to the function they perform.The Directorate of Parks and Gardens will establish the necessary guidelines in this regard;III.Throwing or abandoning garbage or objects outside the deposits intended for it, whether organic or inorganic, solid or liquid, as well as throwing or depositing substances or compounds that alter the physical or chemical characteristics of the soil or artificial bodies of water;….SAW.The entry and stay of people in a state of intoxication by alcohol, drugs or other equally toxic substances that alter capacity, and VII.Cause damage, for any intentional reason or by accident, to trees, vegetation, fauna and assets and facilities that make up the heritage of the municipal infrastructure and green areas.All rights reserved - The Truth Juarez