Best Bed Frames 2022

2022-12-09 10:07:12 By : Ms. Mark Ying

The best bed frames set the stage for a comfortable and supportive sleep environment. Not only does a frame act as a sturdy foundation for your mattress, but it also does double duty as an aesthetic piece of furniture—in fact, it’s typically the focal point of the entire bedroom. You’re going to want to look for one that’s functional and durable, but also pleasing to the eye. Next, consider whether you want your mattress low to the floor or a bit higher up. Finally, think about material. Do you want something upholstered, or are you looking for something more minimalist? (For inspiration, note that our top pick overall is Thuma’s “The Bed,” which features a sturdy wooden base, a comfortable headboard and attractive, weathered accents.)

The Tuft & Needle Wood Frame is one of the best bed frames on the market right now. It's made of ... [+] high-quality wood and comes in either oak or walnut. School Dormitory Double Bed Frame

Best Bed Frames 2022

The most important thing about the bed frame shopping experience, though, is to not jump into a decision too quickly. “Your bed frame is the foundation of your sleep experience,” says Christine Kobervig Munger, interior design expert and Director of Merchandising and Sourcing at Fernish. “Quality is important; you want the frame to properly support your mattress. And your mattress will not be as comfortable or last as long without the proper support.” Ahead, we’ve compiled a list of the best bed frames on the market, all of which check all of those boxes—and we’ve included everything from budget-friendly options to more luxe bed frames with plush headboards.

Material: Wood | Slats: Wood | Headboard: Yes | Weight Capacity: 1,500+ pounds

The Bed by Thuma is a splurge, to be sure, but thousands upon thousands of glowing reviews claim it’s a worthwhile expense. It’s also incredible easy to assemble: You’ll need to install just two screws by hand, no tools necessary. What’s more, it’s thoughtfully made: The double-strength slats are lined with eco-friendly felt for extra durability and sound reduction, and they lock into place to ensure your mattress won’t slip or move around once it’s placed on top. Rounded corners not only look nice; they also protect you from getting bumped while walking around the dark room at night. Finally, cork-padded leg bottoms offer extra scratch protection for your floors. With a weight limit of more than 1,500 pounds, this bed is great for light and heavy sleepers alike. Choose between the minimalist “PillowBoard” for a cushioned, low-profile look or the Headboard, which is made of solid, up-cycled wood. Either option is very attractive and quite comfortable.

Material: Bamboo, steel, plywood | Slats: Wood | Headboard: Yes | Weight Capacity: 700 pounds

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t meant you want to compromise quality—and that’s something the makers of the Zinus Suzanne Platform Bed Frame understand. Made from durable steel and featuring closely spaced wooden slats, this frame is built to last—and it’s offered at a very affordable price, too. While the twin size can support up to 350 pounds, the other sizes can hold up to 700 pounds. The attached bamboo headboard is also nice to look at, and the mix of wood and metal gives the entire frame a bit of an industrial feel. Setup, too, is fairly simple.

Material: Oak or walnut | Slats: Wood | Headboard: Yes | Weight Capacity: Up to 800 pounds

The Tuft & Needle Wood Frame is a favorite, and for good reason: It manages to look both timeless and modern all at once. Made of high-quality wood, this sturdy, durable option comes in either oak or walnut, so you can easily play up certain elements of your existing décor. It’s simple, too, with clean lines and a minimalist feel, and because it’s made of wood, it’s also easy to clean. The headboard slats are also precisely placed (in other words, you don’t need to worry about your pillows falling through—or worse, you).

Material: Iron and steel tubing | Slats: Metal | Headboard: Yes | Weight Capacity: N/A

Metal bed frames aren’t always as aesthetically pleasing as wood or upholstered frames, but this Crate & Barrel option is an exception. The arch on the headboard and footboard gives this otherwise harsh iron bed a more delicate look, and it has a classic, almost old-fashioned feel to it. A charcoal powder-coat offers a sophisticated finish, and you can choose from grey or brass. For lovers of traditional style and industrial décor alike, it’s a winner.

Material: Linen blend | Slats: Wood | Headboard: Yes | Weight Capacity: N/A

The Article Tessu bed is a great, budget-friendly option for anyone on the hunt for something fully upholstered. After all, it’s hard to opt for upholstery without breaking the bank—but at less than $1,000, this frame makes the cut. Crafted from a light, linen-blend upholstery, it’s available in three different colors, and its soft exterior offers both comfort and style. The wooden legs add a little something to the overall look and the wooden slats are incredibly sturdy. The low-to-the-ground look will also be appreciated by any fans of modern décor.

Material: Solid pine, polyester | Slats: 3-panel system | Headboard: Yes | Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

The West Elm Andes bed is a beautiful, fully upholstered option, and it’s versatile enough to appeal to both modern and traditional décor fans. The real selling point, though, is the hidden storage space. The base pops up to reveal enough room to store some extra blankets, pillows or even off-season clothing. You’ll find that your room becomes tidier than stuffing all of those items under the bed or in a closet, and because it doesn’t have drawers on the side like some storage beds, it’s also less bulky. Aside from the storage, this frame also offers a lot of customization: You can choose between an array of different fabrics and colors to really find what works for you. In fact, you even have a choice between tufted and non-tufted fabrics for the headboard.

Material: Metal | Slats: Metal | Headboard: No | Weight Capacity: Up to 750 pounds

The Ergomotion Quest 2.5 is an adjustable base that comes packed with impressive features—including, yes, voice commands. There’s also a wireless remote to control the base, adjust the head and foot as necessary and generally find the perfect position for you. What’s more, reviewers claim the motor is extremely quiet and not at all disruptive, and you can, in fact, bring it to a basic flat position. Other features include massage motors, lights, presets and a dual USB port. This is a bona fide high-tech option, and according to many reviewers, it’s worth the extra money.

Material: Sustainably sourced hardwood frame, velvet or linen headboard | Slats: Plywood | Headboard: Yes | Weight Capacity: N/A

The Saatva Lucerne bed is a fabulous luxe option for anyone with budget to spare. The plush upholstery and extra wide headboard immediately add to any bedroom’s overall ambiance, and you can choose between a lightweight linen or elegant velvet exterior depending on the look you’re going for. Thoughtful details like hand-sewn seamed panels, rounded footbed corners and a fully upholstered back make this a standout piece. It’s also made with sustainably sourced hardwood and the plywood slats are meant to be durable and sturdy.

Material: Pine and engineered wood frame, polyester headboard | Slats: Wood | Headboard: Yes | Weight Capacity: Up to 300 pounds

The upholstered headboard and chic wooden legs of West Elm’s Emmett bed give it a feel that’s equal parts modern and classic. The headboard is comfortable with thick padding, so you can lean back and relax. It’s also completely customizable: You can opt for a standard headboard or a tall one, and there are five different tufting options, too (or you can choose to go with a non-tufted look). To really make it your own, you also have several fabric and color options to choose from as well as two different leg styles

Material: USA-sourced Beech wood and fir | Slats: Wood | Headboard: No | Weight Capacity: Up to 900 pounds

If being as eco-friendly as possible is important to you, then opt for Avocado’s City Bed. Made of USA-sourced, sustainable hardwood, it’s an attractive piece with a reasonable price. There’s no particleboard, fiberboard or chemical-based finishes here, and all materials are non-toxic with no odors. No-fume Titebond wood glues are used to adhere most of the pieces together and a zero-VOC ECOS wood stain brings everything together. Aside from sustainability, this frame is aesthetically pleasing with clean lines and a minimalist feel. Pay up to add on a shelf or book nook for stylish storage space at the foot of the bed.

Material: Pine wood, cotton headboard | Slats: Wood | Headboard: Yes | Weight Capacity: Up to 650 pounds

The tufted, wingback headboard of the Canterbury Upholstered Bed makes it appear timeless and a little bit regal. You can choose between 10 different color options to make it suit your bedroom and the sides of the headboard offer additional comfort and support. This is a really stylish piece that sits low to the floor. It’s also pretty affordable considering so many upholstered beds cost a little more. And with over 1,000 positive reviews, customers are definitely satisfied.

Material: Hardwood frame, felted wool headboard | Slats: LVL slats with polyester fabric cover | Headboard: Yes | Weight Capacity: N/A

Some people prefer bed frames that sit a little higher off the floor so that they can use that space for discreet under-the-bed storage. Others want a bed frame that sits on the floor so there’s no space underneath. If that’s what you’re looking for, opt for the Casper Haven bed frame, which almost sits on the ground. It also features a supremely comfortable headboard that is cushioned and slightly slanted for a relaxed look and feel. Made of high-quality, felted wool, this bed frame is very cozy. Some may be unhappy with the LVL slats, which may not be quite as durable as something like oak.

Material: Solid wood and MDF wood | Slats: Wood | Headboard: Yes | Weight Capacity: Up to 600 pounds

Why buy separate pieces of furniture when you could buy one that does it all? The AllModern Vesta Storage Bed comes with two detachable nightstands that each have two floating shelves and a hidden drawer. This offers sleek storage that doesn’t take away from the rest of the bed and features clean lines and a minimalist look. While the headboard sits a little low on this bed, it contributes to the modern feel. Reviewers say it’s easy to assemble.

Material: Birch plywood, powder coated steel | Slats: Wood | Headboard: Yes | Weight Capacity: N/A

The unique design of the Floyd Platform Bed Frame makes it ideal for the modern home. This low profile option comes with a headboard for an extra cost, although you can also choose no headboard if that’s what you prefer. It’s made of durable and strong birch plywood with a sustainably-sourced walnut veneer. The supports are made of powder-coated steel for extra strength. Ratchet straps secure everything in place and no tools are needed for assembly. This is an adaptable frame with options to add underbed storage or a bedside table for extra money.

There’s a wide variety of bed frames available, and picking the right one for you depends on your specific preferences. Consider your budget, the material you’re looking for, your aesthetic and more.

Bed frames are generally available in either wood or metal, and some are completely upholstered or partially upholstered. Wood is a popular option because it’s durable and low-maintenance. “A wood bed frame is like the ‘little black dress’ of furniture and can be styled to fit almost any decor theme,” Kobervig Munger says. Metal bed frames are also durable and easy to clean, but Kobervig Munger notes that they can be difficult to touch up and repair. “Dents or chips and scratches in the paint can be almost impossible to repair, however this can lend character to a metal bed when styled in industrial or shabby chic spaces,” she says.

Upholstered bed frames, meanwhile are ideal for creating cozy and inviting spaces. “These can bring softness to an otherwise hard/harsh space such as a loft or room with a lot of architectural detail,” Kobervig Munger says. Upholstery does require more maintenance, like regular vacuuming and de-pilling, and it can be difficult to repair. You may see other materials like leather or plastic, but these are not as common and can require even more maintenance.

Bed frames can range in price—anywhere from $200 to close to $2,000—so keep your budget in consideration. Know, though, that cost can often be an indication of quality. Budget bed frames sometimes come with imperfections like wobbly headboards and squeaky slats. “Look for solid wood, integrated side-rails and headboards (versus add-on headboards that attach to a separate frame) and slats that attach to the frame (rather than just sit on the edge of the frame),” Kobervig Munger says. For an upholstered bed, she recommends splurging on a high rub count that’s easy to clean.

A bed frame is often the focal point of a bedroom, so you really want to take style and design into consideration. Kobervig Munger recommends starting with the dimensions of the room and getting a feel of how the bed will sit and what it will bring to the space. “Regardless of the space, consider how committed to a style direction you are,” she says. “If you have a clear aesthetic point of view, dive right in and pick a bed frame that amplifies your vision. If you feel undecided or anticipate needing to make changes as your lifestyle changes, pick something classic and versatile.”

The best type of bed frame is one that is durable and sturdy, fits your style vision and is versatile. A bed frame that fits with your lifestyle is ideal: if you’re going to use it every single day, opt for something easy to clean and sturdy, like a wooden frame. If you’re looking for something inexpensive and durable, metal may be the way to go. And if aesthetics and durability are important to you, try a wooden and upholstered option.

For a strong bed frame, really pay attention to the construction and the materials used to create the piece. “Solid wood and metal are both quite strong,” Kobervig Munger says. “Look for beds that are constructed with joints rather than just screws that hold them together, center supports underneath and slats that are closely spaced — the more slats, the better.”

Best Bed Frames 2022

School Dormitory Bunk Bed Frame According to Kobervig Munger, neither wooden nor metal is objectively better. “The key consideration is weight capacity, spacing and how the slats attach to the bed,” she says. For traditional mattresses and boxsprings, she says spacing is less important, while for foam mattresses, you should look for slats that are no more than 2.75 inches apart.