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2022-12-12 18:53:37 By : Ms. Ruth Lin

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We all love a good cup of coffee, but if you're not a coffee connoisseur, making it can be a bit of a chore. But what if we told you that there was an easier way to make great-tasting coffee without all the hassle? Designed to offer maximum convenience, a coffee maker with grinder is the perfect solution for busy people who want to make coffee without all the fuss. After all, with a grinder built right into your coffee maker, all you have to do is pour the beans in and press a button. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most efficient coffee makers with grinders of 2023.

Best Overall: Cuisinart Coffee Maker With Grinder

Great Value: Black + Decker Coffee Maker With Grinder

Top Functionality: Breville Coffee Maker With Grinder

Most Intuitive: Gevi Coffee Maker With Grinder

If you're looking for a coffee maker that can make your morning cup of joe feel like a true luxury, look no further than the Cuisinart Coffee Maker with Grinder. This machine produces fresh, flavorful coffee with its 16-tablespoon bean hopper, and unlike other machines, it has a special blade for grinding beans directly into its filter basket. It also has a unique grind-off feature that allows you to use pre-ground coffee beans, so no matter what you’re in the mood for, it’s got you covered.

This coffee maker boasts 24-hour programmability that offers maximum convenience while brewing your coffee. It comes with a 12-cup glass carafe that features an ergonomic handle and a knuckle guard, keeping your hands safe from hot surfaces while pouring your beverage. Because of its premium grinding technology, superior functionality and easy-to-use control panel, this coffee maker and grinder sits at the top of our list.

The Black + Decker Coffee Maker With Grinder is the ultimate tool for making your morning cup of joe. With its integrated grinder, this machine can grind whole bean coffee beans before brewing, but you can turn also turn this off and use pre-ground coffee instead. It also streamlines the brewing process by featuring QuickTouch programming and an intuitive touch panel that allows you to program the number of cups you want to make, as well as when you want it to start brewing.

This coffee maker with grinder features a brew strength selector that lets you customize your coffee just how you like it. It also comes with a measuring spoon, a glass carafe for easy pouring and a permanent filter basket for removing grit. In other words, this machine comes with basically everything you need to enjoy delicious coffee each morning.

Control every aspect of the coffee-making process with the Breville Coffee Maker With Grinder. This coffee maker boasts a 15-bar Italian pump and a low-pressure pre-infusion system that gradually increases water pressure for optimal flavor extraction. It also comes equipped with an innovative grinding cradle that can accommodate up to 22 grams of whole beans at once.

With its dose-control grinding and 16 size settings, this coffee maker helps you achieve the perfect grind for your coffee no matter how you like it. From fine to coarse, this machine has got you covered. Its digital temperature control also allows you to brew your coffee at a precise temperature, providing you with an ideal flavor every time. Plus, it comes with a steam wand for frothing milk or making velvety cappuccinos.

The Gevi Coffee Maker with Grinder is equipped with a whole host of features to make your coffee experience as smooth as possible. It comes with a 20-bar Italian pump, a low-pressure pre-infusion system and NTC temperature control technology to ensure your coffee is brewed to perfection.

This coffee maker has a built-in pressure gauge that allows you to monitor the pressure inside the machine, while its espresso volumetric control lets you customize your espresso shots as you see fit. It also features a Thermoblock fast-heating system and a powerful steam wand that can reach 212 degrees Fahrenheit within seconds, turning milky lattes into silky smoothness in no time. This coffee maker with grinder also comes with a heated metallic plate, keeping your coffee warm and fresh until you’re ready to enjoy it.

Want to make coffee that tastes as good as a barista's? Want to be able to do this in the comfort of your home? You’ll need fresh beans for optimal results, but grinding them can be a pain. Rather than overloading your kitchen with a coffee maker and a standalone coffee grinder, you can save significant space by purchasing a coffee maker that includes a grinder.

Before you finalize your purchase, you'll need to decide on various factors. That’s where we come in: our buying guide is here to help you find a high-quality coffee maker with a built-in grinder so that every morning is more delicious than the last.

You’ll find blade grinders in most low-cost coffee makers with a grinder, with some options containing multiple spinning blades that slice and grind the beans. Although getting a blade grinder is a low-cost alternative for making a simple cup of coffee at home, a blade grinder doesn’t usually make uniformly sized grinds. This might not sound like a big deal, but keep in mind that the quality and texture of the grind will influence the taste of your coffee.

A burr grinder has two sharp crushing surfaces, and you’ll typically see them in expensive coffee makers. A burr grinder efficiently traps the beans for consistent size and smoothness and also helps you to precisely crush or grind them, which often results in better-tasting coffee.

When choosing a coffee maker with an included grinder, it's also essential to consider the grind options available. Most grinders only have one setting, and because of this, you won’t be able to experiment with them since they crush coffee beans to the same texture every time. Expensive machines, however, usually have a grinder with different options to help you achieve a varied grind size and personalize your cup of joe.

The most common form of coffee maker with grinder is the auto-drip coffee maker. The machine warms the water to a boil before dripping it over the coffee beans and collecting the final result in the carafe, allowing you to make enough coffee for multiple people without having to repeat the same process over and over.

Single-serve machines are higher-end coffee makers with grinders. The machine warms the water and pushes it through the grinder with pressure, resulting in thicker, richer coffee that can help you kickstart your day with the right dose of caffeine. If you like espresso or are particular about the flavor of your coffee, you'll probably appreciate this type of coffee maker.

If you opt for a single-serve maker, it’ll normally only be able to brew one or two cups at once. A coffee maker of this size is ideal for homes with just one coffee drinker.

If you have a large family, an auto-drip coffee maker will be preferable as it can help you make multiple servings at the same time. Some types of auto-drip coffee makers have carafes that can hold four or more cups at once.

Many coffee makers with grinders offer settings that allow you to adjust the consistency and strength of your coffee. You’ll usually be able to select between light, medium or strong settings so that your coffee is always just the way you like it.

If you can’t open your eyes in the morning without first having some coffee, you should get a coffee maker with a timer. With this feature, you can program the machine to switch on at a certain time so that your coffee is already finished when you wake up.

When you're rushing to get out the door in the morning, it's pretty common to forget to turn off the coffee machine. Coffee makers with an auto-shutoff feature can offer you peace of mind on these days, eliminating the worry of whether or not you turned the coffee machine off.

If you use tap water to fill your coffee maker, there’s a good chance that it contains contaminants that will affect the flavor of your coffee. To avoid this, you can get a coffee maker with a water filter to eliminate any pollutants before brewing your cup of joe.

Cleaning a standalone grinder isn’t the same as cleaning one that’s integrated into a coffee machine. Having a grinder permanently installed in a machine can sometimes be inconvenient, especially when it comes to cleaning. If that's the case with your machine, go ahead and check the user manual for instructions on how to clean it. No matter which built-in grinder model you're using, the top of the grinder must be accessible for sweeping away any stray grounds or stale coffee chaff.

To clean a blade grinder, load it with a quarter cup of ice and then grind the ice into a powder. After removing the ice, you can use a wet towel to clean the grinder from the inside. If, however, you want to remove unwanted coffee oils and residue trapped inside the grinder, you can use rice instead of ice.

Cleaning a burr grinder, on the other hand, is a breeze: all you need to do is take it apart and give it a good cleaning with a bottle brush or toothbrush. Unless instructed otherwise, you shouldn't use water to clean a burr grinder.

Q: Is a coffee maker with a burr grinder worth the extra money?

A: It all depends on how picky you are about your coffee. A burr grinder often leads to better-tasting coffee, as it creates a more uniform grind. If you instead opt for a blade grinder, you can end up with grinds in your coffee cup due to a poor, inconsistent grind.

Q: Which type of coffee maker with grinder should I get for my smaller kitchen?

A: If your kitchen has limited workspace, choose a coffee maker that’s single-serve or only makes about two cups at a time. Such machines are often smaller, allowing you to easily fit them into your available space. The drawback, though, is that they’re not ideal for making coffee for a group of people.

Q: What grind size should I use for my coffee maker?

A: It depends on the type of coffee maker you have. Espresso machines and moka pots are great for fine-ground coffee, while medium grinds are the ideal choice for pour-overs and drip coffee makers. When it comes to French presses and cold brew coffee makers, these use coarse grinds.

Q: How long does coffee stay fresh after grinding?

A: Coffee grounds will usually be fresh for about a week after grinding. With a built-in grinder, though, you shouldn’t need to grind beans in advance. If you happen to grind too much at one time, you can use the extra grinds for up to a week.

Q: Is it better to have a separate grinder?

A: The average coffee drinker won’t reap many benefits from having a separate grinder. While separate grinders may give you more control over the exact grind, they also make it pretty meticulous to grind beans. A built-in grinder does the job for you, ensuring you can enjoy quality coffee without the need for extensive effort or know-how.

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